Shoulder Armour and Neck Guard Black/Brown

  • セール
  • 通常価格 ¥21,550

Size: Large
Colour: Black / Brown
Type: Shoulder Protection
Fittings: Iron Buckles
Weight: 1500 gram 
Brand: Epic Armoury
Length cm:
Treatment: Vegetable-tanned
Material: Full-grain leather


Epic Armoury’s Shoulder Armour and Neck Guard are a set of leather armour with two spaulders and a gorget to protect the shoulders and throat. Made from vegetable-tanned full-grain leather, this armour uses overlapping plates and two small sword-breakers to deflect attacks away from the head. All exposed edges are reinforced with leather and stitching to prevent it from deforming with excessive use.

Secure the Shoulder Armour and Neck Guard around your neck by threading a leather strap through two loops on the back. Adjust the piece to your size by tightening the heavy leather cords and straps at the upper arms. Handsome to behold and designed to be a neutral style, use this armour with an assortment of characters across a multitude of worlds.

Available in Black/Brown and Brown/Black; and in size Medium and Large.