Warrior Helmet Brown Large

  • セール
  • 通常価格 ¥8,800


Size: Large
Colour: Brown
Type: Helmet
Fittings: Top-grain Leather, 3 mm
Weight: 375 gram / 13,23 oz
Brand: Epic Armoury
Length cm: 22,5,00
Height: 16,00
Circumference: 58,00


The Epic Armoury Warrior Helm is a Spangenhelm made from thick full-grain leather that protects the head, back of the neck, and the front of the face. Four leather plates are sewn together to form this skull cap, reinforced by heavy leather straps forming a cross across the apex of the skull. To add additional structure, a heavy leather strap is secured around the brim and is attached to an elongated diamond-shaped nose guard that protects the center of the face.

The Warrior Helmet also features a stiff leather neck-guard to protect against waylay attacks, and soft split-leather padding on the inside. Embellished with a wing-like decoration above the eyes, this helmet is designed to match most of Epic Armoury’s other armours and clothing, and with its durable leather stitching it is built to withstand the abuse of a LARP or reenactment with regular leather care.